The box of Re-order: It’s bigger on the inside

If you haven’t already read my take on the three boxes, I encourage you to go back to the beginning. You can read about the box of order here. The box of disorder is here, and also my personal disorder experience. Today, I’ll write about the box of re-order, but it makes more sense if you’ve looked at the other boxes first. But you do you. Here we go.

I know many people are familiar with, even fans of, the Doctor Who reboot on BBC.  There’s so much about it I really enjoy (confession: I have yet to embrace original Who, sorry die-hards), but one of my favorite recurring phrases is, “It’s bigger on the inside!” This exclamation usually uttered when someone new encounters the phone box known as the Tardis.

The Tardis is the Doctor’s magical traveling box. It’s disguised as a simple blue 1940’s phone box. But if you are one of the lucky few admitted behind the doors, the box has a near limitless capacity including a library, a swimming pool and various other spacious treasures.

The box of re-order is a lot like the Tardis. While the order box feels too constricting and binary, it’s difficult to even find the walls sometimes in the re-order box. Unfortunately, there’s no skipping the disorder and going straight to reorder. The boxes must be traversed in order. Until we make peace with all the things we do not know and may never understand while in the box of disorder, the lack of structure in the re-order box is a bit disorienting.

I’m only at the very beginning of my journey after deconstruction. It’s sometimes difficult for me to share the nature of this new place I find myself. For years, I’ve listened to voices who speak with certainty about who belongs and who does not.  I knew who I am and who they were and where we both belonged. It’s easier, being certain where I stand and where that standing is in relation to everyone else on the spiritual hierarchy.

The third box, while it has room for many, many new things and ideas, doesn’t really make room for hierarchy.  Like a wide open gymnasium, the third box places everyone on equal footing. We are we, all in this place together, mostly doing the best we can.

There’s a bit of peacemaking when we enter the re-order box as well. It’s a bit shocking to find that even though there was no room in the box of order for our struggles, the box of re-order makes room even for those “narrow minded” folks. It reminds me they too are understanding God and life and love the best they can. We don’t all travel the same path even when we’re seeking the same destination. Some days, this is still the hardest idea to reconcile.

The more I investigate the re-order box, the more grace I find. Sure, there’s plenty of grace for myself, since I no longer have to be the most right person in the room. There’s also grace for others, who think differently, or live differently, or worship differently. I find myself excited for their passion and their discovery. I’m free to love them as they are, with no agenda to convert them to any other way of living and understanding. They’ll be along by and by.

Perhaps everything I’m saying seems a bit loose and nebulous. If so, then I’m on the right track. While there is room for structure and guidelines in the re-order box, the only “rule” which really matters is Love. How do we love? Who do we love? Have we remembered to love ourselves as well? Love will heal us; teach us and guide us all home.  There’s always more than enough to focus on within ourselves to be too concerned with correcting anyone else. Love has them well in hand, has the whole world well in hand.

When there’s little else I know, of Love I am certain.  And if I am wrong, Love will guide me home by and by.


One thought on “The box of Re-order: It’s bigger on the inside”

  1. I was talking to a friend about some of this stuff this afternoon. One of the things i said was “I’m not asking anyone to believe the same way i do, not any more.”

    Aaaaah do, I’m reading this watching doctor who.

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